The Print Quality of Epson L1800 Photo Printer

Epson L1800 is a photo printer which can print borderless up to A3 paper size. Equipped with the new ink tank system of 6 color, Epson L1800 can deliver high quality printed photo from cameras like DSLR. Moreover, you can print your photographs at large sizes.

The Print Quality of Epson L1800 Photo Printer

Print High Quality Photo with Epson L1800

Thanks to the new ink tank system, Epson L1800 can provide detailed and nice printouts and you can simply fill the ink in great number. Besides, by using Epson original ink with 6 color, you will get prints with best result at cheap printing cost.

The Epson L1800 features 6 colors ink tank system and the resolution of Epson’s first A3+ 6-colour ink tank system printer is 5760 dpi, therefore, it can produce up to 1,500 photo prints at the size of 4R. You should also know that Epson L1800 delivers the best quality printouts in glossy paper.

In comparison to other printers, even to some large printing machines, Epson L1800 is a better photo printer. For instance, there is a small test about the quality of Epson L1800’s printed photo and engine frontier. They put Epson L1800’s printed photo and engine menandingin frontier’s under the sun. After 3 months, the photo which is provided by Epson is more durable than the other one.

About the Ink Tank System of Epson L1800

Unlike others manufactures who offer their printers at cheap price to get customers to purchase it, and then have to pay for unreasonably expensive price for ink replenishment, Epson provides good quality printers with low running cost and ink refill. With the new Epson’s Ink Tank System, Epson L1800 is going to deliver printed photo with flawless quality.

Epson L1800 features 6 photo separated ink bottles, therefore, you only have to refill the ink of the color which is already used up, not the entire cartridge.

Moreover, as utilizing the same ink through all Ink Tank System, this printer can deliver more photo prints, and you can reuse containers which is economical than the standard ink cartridges

Thanks to the Epson’s very first 6 ink color tank, you can solve the problem of high replenishment cost. For example, if your printing need requires more dark color, your printer will run out of this color first. Now, with this new ink system you only have to purchase more dark color than purchase diverse immoderate ink cartridges which you cannot used up eventually.

On the bottom line, Epson L1800 is a good photo printer for long term investment