The Features of Epson L1800 DTG printer

Epson L1800 DTG printer – The newly-released DTG printers in which DTG represent for direct-to-garment of Epson manufacturers targets toward the growing textile sector. Epson declares to the press that the SC-F2000 the big layout printer was designed and developed by using Epson’s unique printing modern technology. This printer promises more profit for textile industry.

The Features of Epson L1800 DTG printer

Epson F2000 – An excellent investment for textile SMEs

The representative of Epson stated that as the T-shirt industry was growing, it was no doubt that small and medium businesses can gain more profit once they use Epson SureColor SC-F2000’s revenue-generating features. He assumed that the newly-released printer will become an effective tool for companies in the textile business.

According to the manufacturer, the new printer combined with high-efficiency, low maintenance and low running cost will be an excellent financial investment for business, especially SMEs.

Fatal Mistake with Epson L1800 DTG printer

Epson has already released the L1300 and Epson L1800 DTG printer in Asia. These 4 and 6 colors A3 printers are equipped with authentic NEW Epson ink tanks.

A customer said that he was printing into ABS, not fabric so required a unique non Epson ink which usually blocks up the 3rd celebration continuous ink supply system (CISS). Therefore, new CISS ink would suck the plasticisers out of the tubes. However, the L1800 printer drive is very irregular. For instance, ‘printhead assess’ or ‘printhead alignment’ can be printed around the sheet, not simply at the front. In whichever case, it still is a “fatal mistake”

He informed that he had installed new PF sensing unit cable television and he supposed that new PF encoder & sensor have done everything I could think of. He was grateful for the assurance of Epson L1800 Printer DTG. The main question is that how to solve the substantial trouble at the moment?

Epson SC-F2000 – One-of-a-kind Printer on the Market

Epson declares that the garment business will profit from SC-F2000. According to their introduction, SC-F2000 uses crack-resistant ink which is soft against the skin. This printer offers users to configure the system control to meet their demand by selecting from two sets of CMYK ink for white garments or about four white inks for shade garments.

In a press release, Jino Carlo Alvarez, the leader of Epson Philippines’ Commercial & Industrial Department claimed that Epson SC-F2000 was the very first system where the whole printer had been developed as well as manufactured by a solitary brand name. Also, the hardware as well as ink was made to interact.