The Ink Tank System of Epson L1300 and Epson L1800

Recently, Epson manufacturer has just launched two new members which are Epson L1300 4 color, A3+ ink tank system Printer and Epson L1800 6 color ink, A3+ tank system Printer. Read on to learn more about 2 new member of Epson L-range. About Epson L1300 Printer … Read more

Review Epson L1300 Printer Specs and Price

According manufacturer, the EPSON, Epson L1300 Printer is introduced as the first 4 color A3+ original ink tank system with low cost running in the world. Will the L1300 Printer be good as introduction? All about Epson L1300 Printer Using on-demand ink jet method, Epson L1300 is equipped with … Read more

Review and Download Epson L1300 Printer Driver

Epson L1300 is another member in the EPSON printers. Being launched in the same time with Epson L1800 printer, the L1300 is introduced as a Printer A concise 4-colour ink tank A3+ Printer with high capacity printer ink tank systems. Epson L1300 is an ultra-high-capacity and ultra-low-cost-printing … Read more

Solve Error Ink Out in Epson L1300 printer

Epson L1300 printer supports bigger prints up to A3+ size. Therefore, it is a useful tool for in-depth CAD drawing, which is often seen in garment industry, floor plans, records as well as graph that exceed the capacity of typical A4 ink-jet printers. However, when using Epson L1300, you might … Read more