Solve Error Ink Out in Epson L1300 printer

Epson L1300 printer supports bigger prints up to A3+ size. Therefore, it is a useful tool for in-depth CAD drawing, which is often seen in garment industry, floor plans, records as well as graph that exceed the capacity of typical A4 ink-jet printers.

Error Ink Out in Epson L1300 printer

However, when using Epson L1300, you might encounter ink out error. Read on to learn how to deal with it.

How to deal with Epson L1300 printer’s Ink Out Error

The Epson L1300 includes a rear-feed mold that allow consumer to print a variety of printing media like thick paper, photo paper, envelopes, tags and so on effortlessly. However, sometimes, the printer does not respond at all. This problem might be caused by “Ink Out error”, which is a common error of The Epson L1300 printer.

In this case, you must reset the Ink Level counters to 100% for free by using free reset tool. Also, this tool can apply for Laser Epson Printer.

How to deal with Epson L1300 printer's Ink Out Error

Download and Utilizing WIC Reset Utility to reset ink level counters for free! It has both MAC as well as Windows versions. If you intend to reset Waste Ink Counter, it is required to buy Reset Key and provide it in the WIC Reset Utility.

How to replace cartridge of the Epson L1300

It has never been so easy to reset an ink cartridge. A pen clip or but similar objects can work. You simply push this object’s tip on the tiny Epson cartridge reset button. That’s all.

Specifically, in Epson L1300 printer, there is a chip that contains all related information about cartridge, including the ink levels. If the printer has not realized that the cartridge out of ink yet, the empty cartridge cannot be refilled. You can solve this problem by replacing a new ink cartridge.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge Epson L1300 by Yourself

You can replace and refill ink cartridge in the Epson L1300 by following the steps

Firstly, unscrew both screws from the back side of the printer.

Secondly, continue to unscrew 2 other screws inside the printer, which is located under the printer cover. Then reveal both the print head and cartridge owner.

Next, change the printer on and press the ink cartridge replacement button in the meantime.

Now, you insert a new cartridge.

Then again, push the cartridge replacement switch.

Then wait for the print head to return to its original position.

Note: Do not switch the printer off, you can remove paper and cover but the wire must connect to the source. Then, place the newly-refilled cartridge in the cartridge owner in the printer.

Finally run a print driving test.

Throughout this process, The CHIP has be rewritten and the printers will start again with the Ink Level Counters is zero.

Remember, the quality of printing will decrease gradually after 20 to 30 refills so that it’d better change a new cartridge. It will prevent the printer to continue printing while the cartridge is run out of ink.

Keep in mind that after 20-30 refills, the quality of printing decreases therefore it is best to begin again with a brand-new cartridge. It stops the printer epson L1300 from printing further when the cartridge is empty. Unprinted work will continue after replacing the cartridge because the process has been recorded in the printer’s memory.