Solutions to repair Epson L210 Blinking Problems

Epson L210 Blinking Problem is a common issue that customer encounter while using the L210. When will the printer start blinking and how to deal with it?

Solutions to repair Epson L210 Blinking Problems

Question about Epson L210 Blinking Problem

While using Epson L210 printer, a customer encountered blinking problem. In particular, after refilling the ink in the Epson L210 resetter printer by initial Epson ink, the printer went well for about 30 sheets. Later then, the traffic signal kept blinking and he is confused. The blinking signal suggested him resetting the ink and replenishing degree. What should he do?

Normally, when the printer’s light blinking, either the printer is out of ink or the ink cartridge is not identified.

Perhaps, this customer might print 30 web pages full of content or photos that make the printer run out of ink.

Once the matter goes top compared to 3500 to 3600 web pages, the orange light will turn continuously blinking which means the amount of ink has been reduced. Finally, the light will go on completely and the printer will stop working when the matter gets to 4000 web pages.

The entire signal above are just an attribute of printer, it does not indicate that the printer broke down.

How to Deal with Epson L210 printer Blinking Problem?

If you try to pour more ink into the ink tank, the printer might even not recognize. Normally, if you refill the ink before the printer asks for it, the printer will still assume that the ink degree is reducing and keeps sending alert message. In the similar way, if you refill the ink immediately after printing some pages, the printer will stop and the light will turn on completely. In this case, disconnect the storage tanks of the printer, just like you did when you refill the ink storage tanks. Once you do that, the printer will consider that you loading up the ink container. Then, you will find a button to reset the printer. By doing that, the printer will acknowledge the current ink level.

When Epson L210 starts blinking, it only works if the ink light is on. If the light is on, perhaps the printer needs to reset. Follow these steps below to solve the blinking problem:

First, Press and hold resume or stop button for 5 seconds.

Secondly, launch the switch then hold and push the resume/ stop button for 3 seconds.

Then, launch switch again and press the resume/ stop button one more time to reactivate the printer.

When you are using Epson L210, you might encounter some problems such as the printer stop working, the light is on or blinking. Once these problems happen, read the enclosed guidebook to figure out which reason lead to the issue and how to deal with it.

Problem and solution of Epson L210 lights

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