Review Epson L210 Printer Price and Specs

Epson L210 printer is considered as one of the most popular multifunction printers among other types of the EPSON Printer. The L210 Printer support user to print, scan and copy very well and quickly and it is voted as the favorite printer for students.

Review Epson L210 Printer Price and Specs

All about Epson L210 printer

Epson L210 is an ideal choice for those who want to own a multifunction printer which allows customer to scan files and print it.

Thanks to the Epson fast ink top-up innovation technology, refilling a printer has never been such easy. The high quality of print is guaranteed due to the special tubes inside the L210. Also, you can switch the choke valve on the ink storage tank to prevent and minimize the ink leakages while moving.

The printing speed of Epson L210 is quite impressive which is 27 pages per minutes (ppm) in black-and-white and 15ppm for color. Like other printers of Epson, the L210 integrated with Micro Piezo print head. This advance technology offers the best resolution associate with 5780 x 1440 dpi for ultra high quality prints. The accuracy 600 x 1200 dpi sensor provides vivid scanned copies. In particular, it can provide draft mode duplicates in just 6 seconds in black and 11 seconds in color.

A notable thing about Epson L120 is that you will get whatever you find in the booklet. Especially, its initial ink bottles are provided with a high quality ink. After printing about 900 papers in A4 size, the ink level reduces only by 20%. It is saving a lot of money by reducing running cost. However, the amount of consumed ink might be different when you print photography and you have to install Epson L210 driver first.

The printer is cost effective because you don’t have to replace cartridge which is the most expensive equipment.

Moreover, Epson L210 is not just a printer. It performs scanning and duplicating very well with ink storage tank system and ultra low expense. In long term, purchase Epson L210 will benefit you more than you think. This printer is valued at Ps. 10K approximately.

The Design of Epson L210 printer

Once you purchase an Epson L210 printer, you will also find installment CD, guidebook, power adapter, USB cable and shade containers including Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.

The Design of Epson L210 printer

Epson L210 is quite small and it does not occupy much of your room. All buttons are on the front side of the printer. You can see the ink level clearly because the ink tank is little transparent. Remember to refill the ink when the ink level reaches lower line.

How to Install the Epson L210 printer

Firstly, Unwrap the box and get rid of the defensive tapes around the printer.

Secondly, fill in the ink container and the procedure coincides when refilling.

Then push some certain buttons on the printer which you can see in the video review below to ask for up the ink.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete the ink refill. Finally, install the CD and connect the printer.

Epson L210 printer – A Long Term Investment

In comparison with HP deskjet F4100 and HP All in One 1050, Epson L210 is more expensive but it reduces a lot of running expense. Therefore, it is a good investment in the long term.

For each HP black ink cartridge, you have to pay Rs, 950. Although, HP ALL in One 150’ black ink cartridge is cheaper, about Rs. 466 for 120 page yield, it have smaller black ink cartridge and the large one costs you RS. 1000. Therefore, the running cost is the same.

Besides, there is only a cartridge for 3 colors so if one of them is empty, the cartridge will be useless. Of course, you can still print, however, the quality of prints will be substandard.

If you take a lot of color printing, you might consider using Epson L210. You can purchase Epson L210 printer with Rs. 10,000 and it costs you Rs. 375 for each container. With the tank system, you could dill in the ink. With a black in bottle, you can print about 4000 web pages (or less). In comparison, Epson L210 printer is still cost-effective.

Review about Epson L210 printer

Epson L210 printer is very good printer for home or office with optimal ink usage and ultra low cost running.

The L210 provide the high quality print in both black and color. Therefore, it is the good selection for those who have a huge workload required using printer. Otherwise, it is still a good bargain.