Review and download Epson L455 Printer Driver

Epson L455 Printer is a multifunction printer which allows you to print anywhere, anytime you want. No matter where you are, office, house or on the way, you can still print, scan and duplicate documents or graphic clearly and quickly with superb saving cost.

Epson L455 Printer Driver Free Download

The design of Epson L455 Printer

Like other versions of Epson’s Printer, the Epson L455 does not occupy much room so it will fit any place in your room.

It includes a 1.44″ color LCD display which allows you to open and select picture directly from Sd Card to print. With this function, you don’t need to access computer to print like traditional way.

Print Anywhere with Epson L455 Driver

With included cordless and printing confort using Wi- Fi Direct, The Epson L455 Printer allow you to connect with 4 tools to the printer without a router.

Moreover, it is compatible with Epson Connect, therefore you can perform printing, scanning or whatever you want while you are on the way.

For instance, Epson iPrint allows you to print or scan directly to your smart devices. Or you can print a picture in your cell phone in color by using Epson Creative Print. Also, you can print email from any devices with Epson Email Print. Last but not less, all you need is a computer via Internet to print anywhere in the world, thanks to Remote Print Driver.

Download Epson L455 printer driver for Windows or Mac OS X by this link:

Download Epson L455 Printer Driver Here

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Review about Epson L455 Printer

The Epson L455 provides high quality print with the resolution of 5760dpi. Moreover, you might be impressive by its printing speed, about 33 pages per minute (ppm) for draft mode black and white and 9.2 ppm for standard print for black and white. The data below is calculated when publish on A4 paper.

Review about Epson L455 Printer

This printer is user- friendly and you can get a high quality print by just 3 steps.

Epson L455 Printer – Ultra Low Cost Running

The ink tank system of Epson L455 guarantees economical running expense. Each ink bottle could print as much as 4000 web pages for black and white.

Reliable Warranty Period

This Printer has a 12 month guarantee or 30,000 prints guarantee, whichever come first, providing peace associated with mind and help in the event you need it.