Review and Download Epson L1300 Printer Driver

Epson L1300 is another member in the EPSON printers. Being launched in the same time with Epson L1800 printer, the L1300 is introduced as a Printer A concise 4-colour ink tank A3+ Printer with high capacity printer ink tank systems. Epson L1300 is an ultra-high-capacity and ultra-low-cost-printing which is suitable for companies or organizations.

Download Epson L1300 Printer Driver

The Advantage of the Epson L1300 And link download Epson L1300 printer driver

One advantage of Epson L1300 is that it includes five bottle of ink (70ml). Thanks to this ultra-high-capacity ink tank system, the L1300 can provide up to 7,100 web pages in black as well as 5,700 pages in color with ultra low-cost printing. .

The Epson L1300 is the effective tools to boost up your productivity. It integrated with quick ink top-up technologies, therefore, it saves a lot of time to clean or replenish the ink cartridge. The label is very clear due to a drip-free nozzle. Also, this printer supports bigger printer up to A3+ therefore it can support a wide variety of printing media from lengthy reports to CAD drawing and etc.

The Advantage of the Epson L1300

The design of Epson L1300 Printer includes purpose-built ink container so it minimize downtime. Due to the fact that Epson L1300 uses its own original ink but not the third parties’, it can guarantee the high quality print. Also, Epson offers their customer 12 months warranty so if there is any problems, customer can bring the printers to the stores.

By using the advance technology, Mini Piezo, the L1300 has the fast printing rate of 17 pages per minutes (ppm) in color and 30 ppm in black while the ISO printing rates is 5,5 ppm in color and 15 ppm in black and white.

The Advantage of the Epson L1300

The Epson L1300 – Unique External Ink Tank Desktop Printer

Epson L1300 might be the first A3+ dimension desktop printer with external ink tanks in the world. Thanks to the external ink container, customers are having no difficult on refilling their tank.

By using Micro Piezo technologies, Epson L1300 provides high quality print-outs with the resolution associated with 5.706 x 1.440 dpi. The drop size and the amount of the nozzles are no different from the actual L110 Printer associated with. There are 360 dark nozzles, 59 nozzles based on colors 3 pl. Therefore, this printer is able to supports a mix variety of media printing such as CAD drawings, images, and reports and so on.

Nowadays, Epson L1300 Printer is considered as one of the best desktop printer due to its ultra-low-cost-printing.

Where to Download Epson L1300 printer driver

Having a purpose-built ink container, you need this driver to print well in your Epson L1300.

You can download the latest Epson L1300 printer driver directly by clicking on the link below. The download link is available for both MAC and Windows.

Download Epson L1300 printer driver for Windows

Download Epson L1300 printer driver for MAC OS X