New Continuous Ink Supply System For Epson L1800 Printer

Due to the fact that Epson L1800 Printer uses the unique ink container system, customer can reduce their printing cost and still be satisfied with high quality photo prints.

New Continuous Ink Supply System For Epson L1800 Inkjet Printer

Impressive Ink Supply System of Epson L1800

Epson L1800 is equipped with high capacity ink tank system and high-volume ink containers which is easy to refill. To be more specific, each ink containers can print up to 2,800 photos with the size of 10×15 cm. Moreover, the ink tank system is integrated into the printer so it reduces the clutter or problem that various other ink container systems encounter.

This printer supports you to print borderless up to A3 size. Also, you can have high quality and durable prints produced by the Epson L1800. Besides, Epson L1800 allows you to customize digital photo album which will help you publish directly onto CDs/DVDs. The printing rate is quite fast, it takes less than 19 second for a 10 x 15 cm photo.

How to Determine Estimated Return and Print Speed of Epson L1800

By using Epson initial methodology based on ISO/IEC FDIS29102 as well as consistently printing driving test designs supplied in ISO/IEC FDIS29103, we can determine estimated returns. However, Yields/CPP might differ considerably based on the real usage, such as graphics printed, print settings, paper kind, frequency of humidity, use and also temperature level.

In similar, the printing speed is determined by printing on A3 plain paper in the fastest method. The printing rate of a 10 x 15 cm paper might differ based on system configuration, print mode, document intricacy, software, kind of paper used as well as connectivity. Note: Print speed does not consist of processing time on host computer system.

In the bottom line, Epson L1800 printer is quite good. Firstly, it adopts high capacity in storage tank so you can print for longer. With 6 huge color ink bottles, the printer is really economical. For ultra low printing cost for each photo, it is worth for the investment. Moreover, it provides you high quality images. Last but not less, Epson’s warranty provides peace associated with mind and help in the event you need it.