How to Reset Epson L210 with WIC Reset – Epson L210 Resetter

Hello, today we are introducing you how to replace red light blinking in Epson L210 printer by Reset Epson L210 Waste Ink Counter.

As we know that when we use a red light blinking means we will press button for 20 seconds and it will not appear automatically.

Reset Epson L210 - Image 1

So what happened with it if we continue doing this procedure more and it’ll be stuck on the red light blinking, this problem only overcome when the red light blinking is stuck. Now you can follow a small program provided by named Epson L210 Resetter we show you below.

How to resolve Red light blinking in Epson L210

We will look for the reason why your Epson L210 met this error and how to set Epson L210 before we learn to fix red light flashing in Epson L210 printer.

Red light Blinking in Epson L210 reason

Regularly, the Epson L210 printer’s red light blinks because of many reasons but the primary reason of it are:

Printer is out of ink

+ The ink cartridge is not recognized

+ Paper jam

+ The waste ink counter overflows

What is waste ink counter overflow?

There is a Waste Ink Pad inside Epson L210 printer. These pads involve sponge for attracting, collecting waste inks when Epson L210 printer is running.

Waste ink Pads are vital. When these waste ink pads are overflowed, Epson L210 printer will stop printing automatically.

Reset Epson L210 - Image 2

Epson L210 has a Counter IC and this IC calculate how much ink flows to waste ink pad and keeps it into printer’s memory. We call this number is Waste Ink Counter.

When Epson L210 printer’s Waste Ink Counter is overflowed, you can see these errors below:

Red light blinking

Reset Epson L210 - Image 3

You will meet the message show that: “The Printer’s Ink Pad is at the end of their service life. Please contact the Epson Support” or “The printer’s Ink Pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support” when you click printer icon.

Reset Epson L210 - Image 4

Please take Waste Ink Counter number over, one of them is all more than 100%

Reset Epson L210 - Image 5

How to reset Epson L210 with Epson L210 Reseter

You can reset Epson L210 waste ink counter by a program. This is WiC Reset Utility Tool ( we call it is Epson L210 Resetter in this post)

Please follow this guide in order to reset your Epson L210 waste ink counter:

Step 1: Connect Epson L210 which you need to reset by USB to your PC.

Step 2: All other printers need disconnecting.

Step 3: Close all printer’s jobs and turn off and on the Epson L210 printer.

Step 4: Download WIC Epson Reset Utility (Epson L210 Resetter) here: Download Epson L210 Resetter

Step 5: Buy Epson L210 WIC Reset Key or get it free here:

+ Buy WIC Reset Key here

Step 6: Start WIC Reset Utility – Choose the printer that you need to reset

Step 7: Click “Reset Waste Counters”

Reset Epson L210 - Image 6

Step 8: Enter reset key then click “OK”

Reset Epson L210 - Image 7

Wait for a second, and a critical alert appears, this tells you to turn your printer OFF. Let press OFF the printer then turn it on again.

Then WIC Reset Utility Tool gives you a message: “Congratulations. Your printer’s waste counter has now been reset” that means your printer reset successfully.

Please follow the video how to reset Epson L210 here:

Now your Epson L210 printer is completely retested with using condition.

Let’s go on your work, thanks for reading!