How to Buy Epson L1800 Online in India

Epson L1800 is a printer that can print as high as A3 size with high quality prints. Although the price of Epson L1800 in India is quite expensive, it is still a good investment for those who are running a small or medium business. Instead of going to the store, you can buy Epson L1800 printer online at home. Read on to know how.

In India - How to Buy online a new Epson L1800

Payment Methods When Buy Epson L1800 Printer Online

In India, you can buy Epson L1800 online by using local banks for credit cards. Credit cards work like Paypal. It helps you shop online automatically and effortlessly.

However, using credit card might put you at risk of being attacked by hackers. Therefore it’d better not buy printer or other goods at unreliable shops. You can consult the list of online shops in this link below and choose the most suitable store to buy Epson L1800. (

Review about Epson L1800 Printer

The price of Epson L1800 is about Rs.31975. In comparison with other printers, the price is not too expensive. Plus it can print borderless up to A3+ so it supports a variety of printing. Therefore, it is very suitable for small and medium business like photography business.

Thanks to the ink tank system, the printer provides high quality printer and reduce running cost. Therefore, it helps to print more with less.

However, it is required to use the original ink in order to not damage the Epson products as well as maintain the best condition for the printer. By using original ink, the printer will always remain in the good condition and durable. You might save a lot of money from maintenance or replacement the new one.

Although Epson L1800 printer’s ink is very expensive, it guarantees you the high quality print and helps you gain more profit when using this printer. Therefore, it is a good investment in long term.

Hopefully, the information above is helpful for you!