How to buy Epson L1800 in Malaysia


You own a small business or a photo printing company that have high photo printing need or you are a photographer who are looking for a printer which can print pictures taken from camera with the best results, Epson L1800 photo printer is an ideal printer for you. For those who are living in Malaysia and also interested in Epson L1800, there are some nice recommendations to help you to purchase this printer at a bargain price.

How to buy Epson L1800 in Malaysia

The Price of Epson L1800 in Malaysia

In Malaysia, you have to buy this Epson Photo Printer at RM 1,587.00, which is quite expensive compared to other printers.

However, the prices won’t be things to worry compared to its efficiency. Epson L1800 is the most recent ink tank system printer that Epson released, so it has been upgraded to its predecessor. With the new ink tank system, the printer deliver high quality prints with Epson Genuine ink. Moreover, the photos printed by Epson L1800 is high-detailed and resistant.

Where to buy Epson L1800 Photo Printer in Malaysia

In Malaysia, you can purchase Epson L1800 Printer at outlets nearby or in any computer stores or even online. There is a long list of online stores that you can find this printer. For example, accessing websites like,, you will be updated about the latest price of Epson L1800 printer.

For payment methods, you should notice which method your online store use. We can purchase this printer easily by using internet banking. Moreover, when you buy this photo printer online, you can also use ATM or bank transfer, whichever is convenient for you.

Remember to check different online stores to see which offer better prices. Don’t forget to check whether they offer free shipping. Without extra shipping fees, you will save more money when purchasing Epson L1800 Printer in Malaysia. Hopefully, this information will help you buy these printers at bargain price.