Full Review of Epson L200 Multi-functional Printer

Epson L200 is a color inkjet multi-functional printer which is able to print, copy and scan. Integrated with the advanced technology of Epson, Epson L200 printer allows you to get a variety of printing media like documents or photos with high results.

Full Review of Epson L200 Multi-functional Printer

Review about Epson L200

By using the Micro Piezo innovation, Epson L200 enables customer to print a variety of printing with high quality. For each Epson L200 printer you purchase, you get 1+2 black ink bottles which is able to print up to 12,000 printouts in monochromes and 3 color ink bottle which could provide 6,500 prints in color.

In draft mode, the printing rate of Epson L200 is 27 pages per minutes (ppm) in black-and-white and the copy rate is 11 seconds. With the maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dip, this inkjet multi-functional printer guarantees remarkably high, photo-quality prints. Besides, the high resolution allows you to generate indeterminate photo prints for your innovative requirements.

Also, this printer is equipped with many photo improvement functions like red-eye modification which makes your picture better. Also, thanks to Epson Photo Enhance and Epson Easy Photo Print, the quality of graphic provided by Epson L200 is improved significantly.

Print wisely with Epson L200

Thanks to the very first ink storage tank system, Epson L200 helps customers to save more inks and gives out high quality printouts. With the capacity of 70 ml for each ink bottle and distinct 13-digit code, Epson L200 provides genuine printouts. Additionally, this printer comes with a cap which keeps any sort of extra link. Thanks to Epson Fast Ink Top-up technology, customers are prevented from constant ink refills, clogged up shutoff or squandered ink.

In addition to Epson L100 resetter, this All-in-one printer have the ultra low running cost with 10 paise each web page in monochrome and 20 paise in color.

The price of Epson L200

In comparison to other ink-jet printer, the price of Epson L200 is more expensive. However, this printer provides high quality printouts with the least printing expense. With Rs.347, you could print about 4,000 web pages and also 3 color ink bottle could print up to 6,500 web pages in color which is much cheaper than many other printers.

These laser printers are mobile and they won’t take up much room in your office due to its small size. Beside, thanks to ink containers, customer are prevented from leakages and clogged up shutoffs. Epson L200 provides the large number of printouts with small expense and it is suitable for those who have high printing needs.

Lan Anh