Full Review About Epson L555 Multifunction Inkjet Printer

Epson L555 Printer is one of the best printers in the Epson L-series. According to the manufacturers, Epson L555 is the very first multifunctional printer equipped with ink tank system with some breakthrough features.

Full Review About Epson L555 Multifunction Inkjet Printe

About Epson L555

Epson L555 features on demand ink jet technology with 180 nozzles for black and 59 ones for color. In comparison with other Epson printer using Micro Piezo technology, Epson L555 is less of features.

Because of nozzles, Epson L555 can only deliver drop as small as 3 picoliters or less. Users tend to waste more ink because they cannot change the output process and the ink will be wasted.

Like other Epson printers in small size, Epson L555 can provide prints with the maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi.

This printer supports 4 ink colors which are magenta, cyan, yellow and black. For outputting, this printer is quite normal.

Epson L555: An All-in-one Inkjet Printer

Epson L555 can perform print, copy and scan.

The printing rates of Epson L555 is about 33 pages per minutes for black and white and 15 pages per minutes for the ones with color on the plain A4 size. According to the standard of ISO 24734, Epson L555 can print 9 ipm for monochromes and 4.5 ipm for color. It takes about 27 seconds to print a photo whose size is about 10 x15 cm (4×6 inches) on draft mode. On default mode, this printer takes 1 minutes and 9 seconds to print a photo. If you want to print doubled-sided, you must customize it manually.

This printer also support you to copy a wide range of files. On draft mode, it provides about 33 copies per minutes in black-and-white and about 15 copies per minutes for color for A4 paper. Although the printer can copy, this features is not very outstanding. It can only provides 99 sheet from standalone copies.

With the features of scanning, Epson L555 can only scan flatbed color images with the optical resolution about 1200 dip x 2400 dpi. As well as that, the printer supports only 8.5’’ x 11.7’’ paper size. There is a number of resolution for this features. For instance, it takes 2.2 miliseconds for one line in monochromes and 7 miliseconds for one line in color at the resolutions of 300 dpi, 2.4 miliseconds per line monochrome and 12.7 miliseconds per line color on 600 dpi, and 8.5 miliseconds monochrome and 25.4 miliseconds per line color on 1200 dpi;

The Specifications of Epson L555

This printer is functioning on the power source from 100 to 240 V. It takes about 10W for all the modes. The dimension of Epson L555 is around 18.7’’ x 14.8’’ x 8.9’’. It weighs 6,2 kg and it fit well in your office.

The Price of Epson L555

To use this printer, you must connect it to a computer via USB 2.0 Hi Speed and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. Also, you can print directly from your cell phone as long as your device is connecting with Wi- Fi due to Epson iPrint application.

The Price of Epson L555 is around $240.