Fix Epson printer winkle pages and paper jam issue

Firstly, let’s talk about the lack of reading, I learned overtime – my mistakes – which are much –it’s very important to read all the manuals of each divide I bought such as: cell phones, computers, washing machines, blenders etc…

fix epson printer problem 1

Reading helps a lot to keep the equipment manufacturer know more than us about the weaknesses of what we bought, and printers with many weaknesses.

In some cases, Epson printers crumple the papers only on one side, it’s right in the middle, even we feel something is wrinkled paper in particular.

The printer presents the paper jam error, can even try the method specified by the manufacturer for this case, but till can not fix it because of the paper’s failure to entry the printer completely.

This is when we need to have a technician but not know the reasons or no trust in services, we are not able to take the printer where a technician eliminate this problem.

At home, we can prevent wrinkling pages with Epson printer without bringing the printer anywhere and even we can remove the current problem by the following instruction.

How to Fix Epson printer winkle pages and Epson printer is jammed issue

The first thing to do is….

Paper is wrinkle – maybe in a specific place – he has something inside the printer, and this that comes from an insect to a piece of nail, while we cut nails, we has come to this place but it seems strange…

Epson printers mostly have the L –type printing process (see the types of processes used by printers and their meanings), this is to take the upper pages input tray, it opens the way for everything you can enter the equipment and cause because this is public. Let’s see image VS – party Epson printer…

As you can see, the ease in the picture above that printing process is disturbed because of something inside Epson printer.

Now say how to avoid this happen, absolutely, to eliminate this problem, you have to find a way as to look carefully into the printer to see what cause the paper jam, replace it and go on printing.

To prevent this happening again

They had better take care of printer more, and the part where they enter the pages, use the small door which closes all access to any tools or anything that might cause a jam. When we need no longer use the printer, Epson contains equipment as any other brand in this way, we will draw the pages and close.

Don’t forget to the manual, all this and much more you get in those books left in the boxes where you bought the printer.