Epson L355 printer detailed features review

Recently, Epson brand had launched a new range of printers. This range of printers is claimed to be able to make you forget your worries about consumption fees of printer like refill fee, costly ink cartridges, the size of ink cartridges and other problems.

Epson L355 printer detailed features review

Among this new ranges of printer, the Epson L355 might be the good selection for those who works at home offices or small offices.

Epson L355 – All-in-one Device for Home/ Small Offices

The Epson L355 printer is an Epson’s original ink tank system All-in-One printer with wireless flexibility.

Like others printers at the same kinds, the Epson L355 uses Epson new integrated ink tank system which is easy to set-up, replenish with ultra low running cost.

This printer is able to print, scan and copy. Also, Epson L355 printer offers the high quality prints as it use the print head technology, Micro Piezo.

The L355 targets home offices and small offices.

Design and Printing Speed of Epson L355 printer

Epson L355 Printer has a unique design. Although it is no different from an ordinary MFP from outside but there is an extra ink tank outside on the right side of the printer. Thanks to the new integrated ink tank system, the Epson L355 is simple to install and use. You just need to fill the tank with the original ink come with the printers, turn on the printer and the printer will take care the rest for you. After it finishes, you can start to print right away.

According to the manufacturer, Epson L355 printer is able to print up to 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in color with each ink replenishment. The printing speed is 9 pages per minutes (ppm) in the best printing mod. As a wireless device, this printer allows you to print directly from your Smartphone and tablet once your device connects with Wi-Fi.

In our real world tests procedure, it is recorded that the printing speed is 33 ppm in black-and-white and 15ppm in color. This printer is also quite while printing.

In addition, the resolution of the printers is 5760 dip x 1440 dpi in maximum and the optical resolution of the scanner if 1200x 2400 dpi. Therefore, the L355 provides high quality prints and scans.

Pros and Cons of Epson L355 printer

On one hand, Epson L355 printer is a very efficient printer that satisfies customers in many ways. Firstly, being equipped with the new integrated ink tank system, for each ink replenishment, Epson L355 reduces expenses that you lose for purchasing the new ink cartridge whenever the ink level reaches the bottom. Another plus for this printer is that it is simple to use. Also, thanks to the print head technology and the ink tank system, it provide the high-quality prints and scans.

On the other hand, you might be hesitate because the price of this printer is quite expensive. Also, some customers complain about the lack of security in ink compartment. Besides, The Epson L355 only has a basic control need and it has no card reader or LCD.

In bottom line, though Epson L355 printer is neither the best nor the fastest MFP, it is still a ideal printers for home users who want to get high quality prints from their smart devices or camera with economical price.

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