Epson L1800 with User-Friendly Adjustment Program

The Epson L1300 and Epson L1800 have been released recently in Asia. Those two are 4 and 6 color A3 inkjet printers, respectively. Both Printers are equipped with unique Epson ink containers.

Epson L1800 with User- Friendly Adjustment Program

The Design of Epson Inkjet Printer

In general, inkjet printers are easy to use even for beginners. There is a CD driver included with the printer. As you can see on the image above, the printer has only 4 simple and straightforward buttons in total.

If you take a look at the left side of the printers, you will find power button, the paper button ink button and rubbish container respectively. While the function of paper button is to take in more paper when there is no paper left for the printer to print, the ink button is responsible for charging ink and finally the rubbish container cancels the present print task. You can tell the exact function of these buttons just by look at them.

About Epson L1800 Adjustment program

The Epson Adjustment program is user-friendly. All error will appear on the windows and suggestions are given to solve these errors. Consumers can access to all settings and fast functions with one click at the symbol of printer at the taskbar.

Epson printer is accessible due to well categorized features and switches in home window. Also, the control board is very effective for individual orientation.

Epson use Windows types for their discussion of the control panel as folks are the most made use of to it. Thanks to this decision, the owner of Epson L1800 will have no difficult to work with Epson’s interface.

Download Epson L1800 (EURO, CIS) Ver.1.0.0 Service Adjustment Program New!