Details about Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer

Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer is one of the most affordable multifunction printer. This compact device features scan, photo and print from SD card. Also, it is equipped with a LCD screen. Let take a closer look about this all-in-one printer.

Details about Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer

The Performance of Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer driver

It takes an hour to print 6 photos at the size of 6×4 and half an hour for 2 photos at the size of 10×8. In general, Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer deliver complexion and landscapes with good results, but there is a little rinsed with dark locations.

Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer Driver delivers black-and-white files faster than color files. The printing speed is about 13.4 pages per minutes for draft mode but it was so light that it won’t influence most functions. The print color is very good with strong tones and great information. Still, little font size are a little problem.

On top of that, Epson SX215 Multifunction printer driver provides scans with excellent quality. Colors, shading and pin sharp information are precise.

For copying, black-and-white copies are much better than colorful copies.

Epson SX215 Printer Review

Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer provides a wide range of functions at this affordable price. But the speed as well as quality are not really standout. Unlike most inkjets on the current market, Epson SX215 own a set of print head. In case it stops, you might need to clean its printing heads.

Although Epson SX215 Multifunction Printer own a helpful screen and good printing abilities, it is not really standout. If you can spend more money, you might consider HP’s Photosmart Plus which has more functions with faster speed and low running expense.

Hopefully, this review will help find the most suitable printer for you.