Customer Review about Epson L800 Printer

Review Epson L800 printer – As a Mac customer, ink-jet printers are not quite an ideal selection. I prefer to pay to obtain files published to established a printer or attach to one over network. Before Epson L800, I had tried numerous ink-jet printers and they did not go well. In fact, when I was asked to review the Epson Ink-jet Photo L800 printer driver, I did not expect very much from it. However, Epson L800 was totally unforeseen.

Customer Review about Epson L800 Printer

The Appearance of The Epson L800 printer

In appearance, the Epson L800 looks like an ordinary printer, with its rectangle-shaped form as well as matte black coating modifications. Its ink tank system provided by Epson manufactures is affixed to the side of the printer.

There is nothing significantly to the L800 printer’s style. On the printer, you find the initial button is the power switch while the 2nd and the 3rd button stand for reduced ink and paper jam.

In comparison with Epson L210 printer which allows you to print from more than one input, arrangement of L800 is not really very easy-going. Before you can print, there are many tiny things that you must do.

Indeed, it took a while to connect with my Mac totally and open an examination web page. However, the ink container system had been already connected when I got the printers so I can save some time to do other things.

The Ink Tank System of Epson L800 Printer

According to Epson’s introduction, The L800 printers is a photo printers which supplies high quantity prints at cheap printing cost with its incorporated ink storage tank system.

The L800 printer supports you to print up to 1,800 superb prints with dimension for each is 10x15cm, which functions out to R0.60 each print.

There are 6 bottles of ink (70ml each) including black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and also light magenta. These bottles are refilled independently. Therefore, it will reduce printing cost drastically.

The Ink Tank System of Epson L800 Printer

Thanks to the ink tank system, the L800 is capable of providing the most dynamic colors print. The printing speed is about 13 seconds for each print associated with the dimension resolution of 5760dpi. It takes merely under 30 seconds for a greater high quality print for indeterminate A4. Also, the L800 printer is equipped with a detachable paper mold, which could be exchanged out with the CD/DVD mold to print straight over CDs/DVDs.

Also, the Epson Creativity Suite software application for photo modifying is one of the greatest features of the L800. However, I could not check this application on Macbook Air because there is not an optical drive. This application allows you to edit photos and print it directly from the device.

The Disadvantage of Epson L800

The user of Epson L800 might have difficulty using this ink-jet printer. One of the most annoying disadvantages from the L800 is that there is lack of fast print choices. Therefore, it takes you a lot of times with the driver software before printing to chose the best print choices for your picture or photos.

Epson manufacturer declares that the Epson L800 is an useful photo printer. According to the introduction, not only is Epson L800 able to print a variety of layouts, it can print high super photo paper with the finest outcomes. However, the printer system does not include any link choices such as Wi-Fi, flash driver, Ethernet or even a scanner.

The Price of Epson L800 printer

Although this ink-jet printer is somehow not my style, it is still a good printer with fantastic print quality. You can own an Epson L800 printer with R4,400.